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Behind a pretty website lies thousands of lines of code.

It’s the code that tells your browser where that link should take you and what information to show you based on your preferences. Believe it or not, even design related elements like colours and fonts are hard coded. Web development is the writing of this code, both the functionality and visuals.

In other words, website development is the one thing majority of clients don’t really care about. You probably don’t care about our Ruby on Rails workflow or which APIs we’re using. You just want your web site to work.

Luckily for you, you won’t need to worry about anything on the development side of things. After our creative brief when we know precisely what you want and need, our team of coffee fuelled software developers will get to work on coding your website.

Website development is one of our specialties and PixelForce is highly capable of building from the simplest of websites to complex and high end enterprise level websites.

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