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At it’s heart, user experience (UX) is about connecting with and positively influencing people. It’s the psychology behind intuitive apps.

It may sound really psychological and borderline obsessive, but when we make great user experiences, people feel belongingness.. a sense of knowing the experience app was made for them..

Do I really need it?

Good user experience is something all digital producers should think about. Without good user experience, you’re just making it frustrating for users when they come back to the app.

A digital product’s success can hinge on just one thing: is it intuitive to use? In this digital age, we simply don’t have a long enough attention span to invest in learning how to use an interface.

It’s strange. We just expect technology to work, so if it doesn’t, we don’t use it, and we forgot about it. How many times have you downloaded an app, but couldn’t figure out what that button does?

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So what is a good user experience?

It’s opening an app, or a website, and instinctually knowing what all the buttons do, where to expect page content, and how to navigate without through. A good user experience is one that people can jump into and just.. browse.. without being told how.


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