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Page 1.. Result 1. Every website owner wants this place at the top. Being within the top results of Google’s page 1 is like being in the 90210 of the Internet. That’s why there’s an entire industry around clever Search Engine Optimisation techniques. By building your website from the ground up to include SEO practises, your visibility on search engines improves.

Do I really need this?

Probably. In most cases, good SEO practises bring in new customers and clients through organic searches. Most businesses nowadays absolutely need a web presence and being on page 1 adds to your credibility and reliability as a business.

Having a higher position means more clicks. Think about the number of times you searched for a service, and opened maybe the top 3 or 4 results. Any lower that requires scrolling often miss out.

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Can you get me rank 1 for my website?

Sadly, we can’t make that promise. And anyone who says they can are fibbing. There are hundreds of factors that go into SEO that nobody can fully understand the metrics.

What we can promise is we’ll develop a strategic plan for your own specific business, compromising of strategic content, headlines, keywords, and other white hat tricks.


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