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Have you ever opened a website on your phone and it looked ridiculously tiny?

You had to zoom in to read text and painfully scrolled left and right? Websites like this are super outdated because they haven’t been built using modern web standards.

Responsive websites are coded to dynamically adapt it’s layout depending on the screen size. The most obvious advantage is reading a website on a mobile phone is actually a pleasant experience now as zooming in and out should not be necessary.

It’s not just aesthetics either. Google has confirmed responsive websites optimised for mobile phones are now prioritised above non-responsive websites in search results. Building your website to be responsive and mobile-friendly automatically gets a kick-start in search engine optimisation (SEO).

We use the latest industry standard coding practises to ensure our websites are compatible with mobile devices and are search engine-friendly. The team at PixelForce are experienced professionals in designing and developing modern, responsive websites, suitable for both mobiles and computers.

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