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Have you ever viewed a website on your phone and it was just a very tiny version of what you would see on your desktop?

So you zoomed all the way in, scrolled left, right, up and down to move around as needed to read text and to click on things? That, and many others are examples of a poor and outdated website.

The new standard in today’s web development is responsive mobile sites. Their purpose is to create a single website capable of displaying optimised layouts dependent on the screen used to open said website. You’d know a website was responsive if it actually looked nice on smartphones.

As a web development studio, we develop our websites to be responsive and with the help of our designers, they bring visual appeal to the layouts. Development of responsive websites requires sophisticated knowledge in user experience and user interfaces to ensure website are usable on both mobile phones and computers.

At PixelForce, we offer a range of mobile web design and web development services to suit your need. Every client has different needs so every solution we offer is tailored to your specific requirements.

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