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Designing for the mobile screen presents new challenges unseen on laptops and computers.

Imagine a navigation bar commonly seen at the top of a website for example. With a small sized smartphone, web designers simply can’t use the same navigation bar as before. This is where responsive mobile site design comes in.

Responsive Mobile Site Design aims to design a stylish and eye-pleasing layout for the mobile screen. It’s the reason why buttons are sized for finger taps and text on-screen is actually readable.

Page elements are typically stacked on mobile screens because we scroll vertically down to explore, whereas the same page elements may be spaced apart horizontally on desktops.

You’ve probably seen non-responsive mobile sites before. Everything is scaled down and to get anywhere, you’d need to zoom in and carefully tap on a link. With responsive mobile websites, the layout is designed specifically for the user and the size of the device.

Whether you need a responsive mobile site, a complex web application, or an Android app built, we can provide a range of services to suit your need. Our designers and developers are more than ready to handle your project so contact us for a free consultation and we’ll start your first digital project together.

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