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Have you ever noticed this while browsing on your phone?

It’s almost like it’s the universal symbol for ‘menu’. This icon, infamously named ‘hamburger’, doesn’t usually appear when viewing on a computer - and that’s the beauty of responsive mobile sites.

The website is optimised for your viewing experience.

Responsive mobile sites are built with care to how they’ll be used when accessed on a mobile phone. The goal is to create an optimal viewing experience dependant on the device used so the page doesn’t need to be zoomed in constantly.

When viewed on a laptop, the very same site would have the exact same content but displayed differently.

With so many people using their mobile as their primary internet browsing device, responsive mobile sites give users a better experience. Users don’t need to excruciatingly zoom to see the text or images on screen.

Instead, content dynamically adjusts to the screen of the device, making it easier and more convenient for your users to read and navigate your site.

The designers at PixelForce are skilled in designing spectacular responsive mobile sites. When you need a website to be responsive and visually appealing for mobile, tablets, and desktop interfaces, contact us to see how we can help.

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