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The mobile application, or mobile app, is quite possibly the most influential revolution in smartphone technology in recent times.

A mobile app is a software application designed to be run specifically on smartphones and other mobile devices. Without doubt, the mobile app is an icon of the digital world.

Instead of freely navigating websites on the web, accessing an app takes us into a boxed experience. Functionality and navigation are all contained within the constraints of the mobile app.

Before starting any mobile app development, have a think about how your typical consumer would open and use your app: natively or through the web.

Native apps refers to full mobile applications that are installed directly onto the smartphone and runs as a standalone experience. Native mobile apps are subject from approval from marketplace regulations (Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store), but allows greater integration with your mobile phone’s features, such as integration with the camera, GPS location, and accelerometer.

Web applications are launched through the browser, requiring no installation, and aren’t restricted by any vendors. Updates are performed instantaneously without waiting for approval, and any device with a capable browser can access it. Web apps don’t discriminate based on the operating system. You could even run it on your smart tv if you have one.

Both methods of app development have their advantages and we can help you make an informed decision on the best approach to your application project.

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