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Sometimes using free advertising tools just doesn’t cut it, especially as competitor responsiveness grows more fierce every year. Paid ads can be the best way to increase traffic to your website and build brand awareness, which is where Google Adwords comes in.

Google is as serious as us when it comes to Adwords

The key to how this advertising tool works is in the Quality Score - which is determined by how well an ad group, keywords, content and landing page relate to what a user is searching for. Behind the curtains, every single time a person does a search on Google, an Adwords bidding auction is created.

Every advertiser who has entered a matching keyword into the their campaign competes in the auction. How much are you willing to pay per potential customer is really the ultimate question...

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Investing your hard earned dollars in a paid advertising campaign can be highly worthwhile but let’s be honest, Google Adwords can be a complicated process.

From keyword research, to set up, optimisation and tailored strategy development we can help you differentiate yourself from competitors by creating an optimal campaign!


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