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You may have heard of a new direct flight from Guangzhou, China to Adelaide recently. But what does this mean for Australian businesses? Well, the first thing is we’ll be seeing an influx of Chinese tourists to our small city of Adelaide. Are you prepared?

Exponential Spending by Chinese Tourists

That one day of the year where it’s apparently socially acceptable to publicly splurge ridiculous amounts on clothes, games, and technology. Well... China has it’s own annual sales event called “Singles Day” that’s really incomprehensible.

For a bit of context, American shoppers spent $10.4 billion at physical stores on Black Friday 2015 and $2.72 billion in online sales. The Chinese smashed this record by spending $14.3 billion online... in 24 hours...

Just Imagine a tiny bit of that money entering Adelaide. The thing is.. This won’t be a single wave of Chinese tourists. Expect to see an exponential growth of Chinese tourists visiting Adelaide and Australia.

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Are you prepared?

The idea is to make Chinese tourists feel welcome in your store. Websites are amazing at this because you can have a fully translated and native eCommerce store next to your English online store. By Incorporating UnionPay Internation or an Alipay.com account, you give Chinese tourists a one step incentive to buy from your website.


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