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Choice of selected themes

Choose one of our selected Shopify Themes below for the design and functionality of your site:

Advanced eCommerce sites come with Integrated Digital Marketing, however this does not include the creation or management of your campaigns. View our Digital Marketing services or contact us today to learn more.


Shopify account set-up

Your purchase includes the set-up of your Shopify site and population of the admin settings. Settings will be populated based on the information you have entered in the project brief and details entered during the checkout process. We will be in touch if we require any more information from you for the successful completion of your site.


Website population

We will populate your site with content provided by you after your purchase. If you are transferring an existing site to Shopify, we will use the content from the existing site. This includes images, text and branding elements. We will be in touch after your purchase with more information about sending your content to us.


Domain set-up

We will connect your existing domain to your new site for you or help you purchase a new one through Shopify’s domain service or other domain providers. Domain prices and features vary between providers so it is best to do your research before purchasing a domain. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Shopify apps / Third-party plugins

Shopify has a library of free and paid apps available to use on your site. We may need to use them to perform different functions on your website or if you require specific features that your chosen theme doesn’t include. Many apps require an additional monthly subscription that will be charged to the credit card associated with your account.

There are many free and paid external plugins and services available for use on your Shopify site such as: live messaging features, social sharing widgets, surveys and many more. If you would like any of these features for your site, contact us with a description of your desired feature and we find a suitable solution.


Custom design elements

Our skilled developers can edit the code of your chosen theme to make it look however you like. We can add animations to elements on your site to wow your customers, custom design specific pages and match your new site to your existing brand.


Product Population

If you already have an existing store with products, we can import them into your new Shopify site with a CSV file. If you are starting fresh, we will also create  an agreed amount of new products for you and show you how to do it so you can easily add your new products to your site. 


Database Import

Along with products, we can also upload your blog articles to your new Shopify site with a CSV file. Shopify’s native blog editor makes it very easy to create new articles and make them available straight away or schedule them for a future date. You have the ability to edit the SEO descriptions, add images and organise articles into different blogs. Users can also comment on your blogs creating an online environment for discussion among your existing and future customers.


Integrated Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an important tool which allows you to sell your products to brand new customers at a pay-per-click cost. We can integrate Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Mailchimp into your Shopify site so your products can easily be shared to multiple sales channels with ease. You will even be able to see where your customers are coming from giving you the power to target your ads with precision. If you would like PixelForce to manage your Digital Marketing, contact us today or learn more about our services.

*PixelForce prices, Shopify related fees and external charges are subject to change at any time without any notice. Shopify features are limited to your Shopify subscription. Visit shopify.com/pricing for information about what is included.

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