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Wellness Living contacted PixelForce to help redesign vibrant and gorgeous web designs for their client. As a premium web technology studio, our team of designers took the challenge and produced designs that went well beyond expectations. Having been impressed by our work, PixelForce and Wellness Living worked together on multiple projects involving UI and UX Design.

Long distance (business) relationship, A-OK

As an international client, it was important for both client and services provider to be responsive to all communications, sometimes even outside of business hours. During the project timeframe, we were able to successfully deliver projects with little to no disruption caused by timezones differences or geolocations.

We are flexible with working with clients who may reside in a different country or timezone. Depending on the situation, we can accomodate for clients whose mobile and web apps are crucial for their business.

Working together on UI and UX

Our design team works together with you to define the target demographic and to apply a particular style and tone appropriate for your website. Each industry requires a unique line of thinking so our designs are made for you and your business.

Trusted by many small and large businesses, PixelForce has been trusted with designing stunning web designs. With the majority of our clients getting web designs completed in 2-3 weeks, we can help your business get online quickly.

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