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Founded in 2013 by two young South Australian entrepreneurs, Tootz is an advertising and promotions platform that connects retailers with shoppers through personalised, real-time, location-based offers directly to a user’s Smartphone.

The Tootz platform allows a merchant to upload an offer that will be instantly pushed to the app for shoppers to view and redeem in-store. The offers will also be sent to shoppers when they are nearby a shop of interest.

Tootz is a cost-effective option for retailers to increase their digital presence and open another line of communication with their clientele. The app is free to download and grants access to exclusive offers, only available on Tootz.

Geofence based notifications.

With Tootz, merchants are able to push mobile notifications to all users with the installed app, as they're walking in proximity of a store.

Geofencing technologies allow clients to push offers, alerts and potential marketing material straight to the user, as they enter a predefined geographical boundary.

With an immediate association of the notification to the close proximity of a retail store, clients are able to increase user engagement and grow conversion rates of potential customers.

Profile based notifications.

To maximise effectiveness and reduce bounce rates, Tootz profiles your hobbies and interests to provide the most relevant notifications to each user.

With highly relevant pushed notifications, added with geofencing technology, you can assure a significantly high probability of a potential customer walking into your store.

Smart analytics.

With our custom built Content Management System (CMS), merchants are able to view detailed data on every purchase and statistics on successful conversion rates. View sales report by day, week, or even month.

The CMS has the feature to create post new deals to the app and push out new notifications. Merchants are able to track how well their Tootz deals are going and adjust accordingly.

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