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Everybody has thought of it but these guys did it!

In our latest development project, we’ve partnered up with Shouted, to build a booze-filled app that allows users the ability to shout mates drinks, purchase drinks at discounted rates and be served drinks with zero cash in sight. Packed with loads of other useful features this app is definitely something you need check out on your next night on the town.

We worked with Shouted to design and develop a full suite, both consumer facing and their business backend. This includes an iOS app, Android app, website and web portal to handle all their business needs.

Download on iOS here and Android here or visit the Shouted website here

Purchase, Shout and Redeem conveniently from the palm of your hand!

Sort through the available drinks and pre-purchase your favourites at massively discounted prices. Once purchased, these are yours so either shout them to friends anywhere in the world or drink them at your favourite bar. The redemption process is simple, present your drink to the bartender, your bartender will validate via a unique passcode and you’ll receive the drink. It’s simple and a zero cash is required. Now that's what we're talking about!

Check-in so your friends know where to send the drinks!

The Check-in feature allows you to check into venues so your friends where to send the drinks. On the flipside, you’ll be able to see where a group of friends are hanging and either join them or be a good mate and shout them a round. Of course the good ones will ShoutBack.

Plan your night by creating individual crowds

Create your own crowds of like-minded people to communicate with, share deals with, and shout drinks too. Catch-up with the netball girls often? Create a ‘Netball’ crowd. From here you have a full message board at your disposal to communicate with only the members of your crowd. And remember, as soon as someone is part of your crowd you can Shout and they can ShoutBack.

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