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OpAlert is the most sophisticated, yet simplest way for surgeons, anaesthetists, and assistants to find each other at the push of a button. The days of multiple failed phone calls to arrange a surgical team are over. PixelForce created a priority based algorithm software to ensure surgeons have the best chance of securing their preferred anaesthetist and assistant for their cases.

Custom algorithm development

Having the right team matters. OpAlert uses a complex algorithm-based software to pair assistants and anaesthetists to surgeons based on previous partnership ratings.

That’s why we developed an intelligent and self-learning app that pairs successful partners together and denies specific people if they’re just not the right person to work with the surgeon.

OpAlert uses industry standard encryption technologies for all sensitive processes, and we’ve made sure to rigorously test it’s encryption on all iOS, Android, and web platforms.

Our clients come back to us for our professionalism and our capacity to deliver results. One satisfied client came back with new ideas that spawned the development of two new projects. As a returning client, we were able to quickly move ahead with new app projects built on a foundation of trust.

"PixelForce have been a great company to work with. OpAlert required complex backend coding pathways, however PF were able to deliver this product with a beautiful interface and user experience. Hinney and his team are experienced App developers and we have no hesitation in recommending them to our friends and colleagues. We look forward to working with PF again in the future on subsequent projects."

Dr. Mike Smith - Managing Director

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