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Student Wellbeing Platform

Lima is a web app based platform that enables school teachers and wellbeing coordinators to more effectively engage with students and monitor the mood and wellbeing of an entire class.

Web design for everyone

For Lima, we used calming colours and aesthetic in a web design that would be accessible and engaging for students of all ages and backgrounds. Our aim was to make Lima simple but informative and fun to use, with profile customisation and rewards for simply using the app.

Improving classrooms

With an intuitive and informative dashboard, Lima gives teachers and wellbeing coordinators better insight into how a class is performing. Staff are able to see how happy the class is over time, and students are able to confidentially and securely contact specific staff if they need support.

Custom CMS

Each school has different needs, from staff to class structure, so we created a flexible CMS to suit the individual needs of schools. Teachers, wellbeing coordinators and students can be managed quickly and easily.

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