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The Mission

Hard to Kill (HTK) is a fitness community that uses military inspired performance based training. They came to us with a simple mission: build them a new website that captures the aesthetic and feeling of HTK. Of course we accepted.

The Rules of Engagement

Purchasing decisions can easily be influenced by everything on your site - from your page speed and how stylish your overall website is, to how easily they can find what they need, and how securely they can make a purchase. It’s important to make a good first impression and to make it last.

The Outcome

For a raw, functional brand like HtK, we wanted to keep the website design simple and effective - just like their workouts. Using a custom eCommerce layout to provide the essentials, users can browse the catalogue of 12 week training plans available for purchase online, access an informative on-site blog, test themselves with free workouts, or listen to HtK’s selection of workout tunes with integrated Spotify playlists.

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