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Haggle Huge has the reputation as a serious Discount retailer. Haggle Huge is perceived as a heavy discounter with items appealing to lower socio economic groups. Even the name suggests an opportunity to negotiate a lower price.

As with any eCommerce web application, a powerful and custom built database powers the core functionality of the website. With Haggle Huge's key purpose in mind, we've ensured our custom built database meets their needs and provides avenues for future growth and potential feature development.

In discussion, it became apparent there is a desire for a more progressive approach to the website, taking on a creative approach with the presentation along with maintaining a humorous approach to the presentation. It was recognized that the written word has given way to more immediate communication with the inclusion of video, keeping it simple and engaging.

A bold new design

We designed the Haggle Huge website with a bold and clear design in mind. Using a simple palette of warm colours with strong accents of green and orange, we designed for a bold, striking layout that really grabs your attention. With our design, the strong colour scheme emphasises Haggle Huge's content and guides the customer towards key elements, such as the Add to Cart or the Search Button.

Find your store

With numerous locations, you can be sure to find a store most convenient to you. We’ve designed and coded a beautiful store location page with that helps your customer find you. A simple click of a store location reveals an elegant map and every contact method related to that store. With our map implementation, you can be sure to find your nearest Haggle store.

No page gets left out

At PixelForce, great design doesn’t stop at the product pages. Even at the checkout and payment pages, we’ve made sure our clear and elegant design extends to these parts of a website, looking great even on mobile devices. Maintaining a consistent and hierarchical design throughout every page, we ensure the customer is undertaking an enjoyable shopping experience.

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