Adding versatility

We custom built a new back-end CMS, accessible by FatBlaster admins online through a secure web portal. This allows the FatBlaster marketing team to have full control over creating and adjusting meal plans, FatBlaster products, recipes, ingredients, and workouts, to meet the changing needs of its users.

Empowering the users

Users can set a meal plan suited to their dietary goals, make changes on the fly to mix it up when they need something different, buy FatBlaster products in-app, and track their weight loss over time to see which meal plans are working for them. They can also quickly create shopping lists of ingredients within the app and then export them for use elsewhere.


Users are given daily exercise goals, with instructional videos helping them to burn off calories for a variety of exercises at three levels of difficulty. Easy exercises are quick and low intensity, medium exercises are good to feel a bit of a burn, while hard exercises are intended to help the user melt calories away and hit those nutritional goals faster.

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