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EzLicence is a newly released managed platform connecting new learner students with experienced driving instructors, serving as the primary dashboard for automated lesson bookings. The custom web application was built with the driving instructor entirely in mind, taking into account their workflows and minimising common pain points such as student scheduling and new job prospecting. With EzLicence, instructors have a powerful platform to control their personal dashboard of management tools and advertise themselves on a marketplace for a national audience.

Simplifying the onboarding process for both student and instructor

PixelForce created EzLicence to provide the smoothest transition between each step in the onboarding process. Converting and retaining new students is always a tricky situation which is why we conducted countless workshops and revisions to the user experience to minimise potential dropoffs during the oboarding process.

With an of array analytics collected, we can determine potential dips during onboarding and maximise the conversion rate for both student and instructor, ensuring the pipeline is kept healthy with consistent conversions.

Profiling system for every user

With EzLicence, all driving instructors have their own personal page, highlighting their credentials and unique instructor skill sets. Looking for a manual night driving instructor in the Parkside region? With EzLicence, students can search by these parameters and drilldown to their preferred instructor.

As with all custom built software, we can develop any system to entirely accomodate the very specific needs and requirements of your project. Unless it calls for third party integration, our code is 100% custom written.

With numerous revisions to the user experience, we are committed to ensuring the conversion rate is maximised to maintain longterm strategic viability of EzLicence. With any new business, our marketing and technical strategies are optimised to ensure it supports business goals and intricately handcrafting the optimal user experience.

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