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easySellRent was developed by our talented web designers and showcases our prowess in providing highly specialised systems with enhanced user experience as our top priority. This secure web application was custom developed to provide a unique solution to the persistent challenges of safely selling and renting your property on the Australian residential real estate market without the hassle of middleman real estate agents.

A simple solution to a unique problem

PixelForce created easySellRent to provide the owners of residential real estate property with a specialised website in order to manage their own properties using the same tools and techniques as qualified real estate agents.

The custom built website is powerful enough to autonomously provide facilitated access from owners to real estate consultants, whilst maintaining the safe sending, hosting and retrieval of sensitive documents.

The platform was built to be able to boast efficient, easy accessibility with a dynamic and simple user interface. easySellRent provides specialised advice, listings and interactions depending on customised information provided by the user whilst ensuring a powerful and memorable client experience.

"Thanks to the team at PixelForce. With their help, we managed to get easySellRent a jump start in life, especially with the help from their marketing team."

Nick Wang - Managing Director

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