Custom Web Application, Dynamic, Unique Database

PixelForce is regularly contacted for our capability to develop exceptionally dynamic web applications. comRE showcases just how capable we are developing highly custom systems. The secure, cloud-based web platform has been specifically developed to provide a unique solution to the persistent challenges of commercial and industrial real estate.

Custom developed web applications

comRE provides owners of Commercial & Industrial property with a platform to invite agents to pitch for a sale or leasing job, as well as providing various process management tools.

It stands as a singular web application, powerful enough to facilitate for the entire real estate invitation process as well as the user managed platform for the secure handling of documents.

The platform was built to be powerful and dynamic. comRE provides unique interactions depending on the type of user and involved many workshops to get every flow and user level of access down to the tee.

PixelForce was quickly able to interpret my Brief for the platform, and convert this into an initial concept, which was refined via a structured process to become a working platform with both an elegant design and functional interface.

Phil Duval - Director

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