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Celebrating Roxby

In celebration of Olympic Dam’s 30th year since its grand opening, PixelForce was contacted to develop a timeline website showcasing significant events for the Roxby Downs community over the last 30 years.

The web design incorporates elements important to Roxby’s industrial significance, and showcases the importance of Roxby’s mining culture. Enhanced by web parallax, the viewer is guided through layers of history as if they were exploring the mines themselves.

With a custom backend web portal, BHP admins have control over adding BHP’s stories and approving community submitted stories. The website is a live showcase of stories submitted by members of the Roxby Down’s community.

Our unique take on the web design for capturing such a significant piece of South Australian history turned out great and was approved quickly. Our team of web developers was able to turn a static mockup into a fun 3D looking website. Now live on the web, any member of Roxby Downs or the outer community can learn more about it’s historic history.

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