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The go-to app to buy and sell all things Uni. Whether you need to sell or buy a second hand textbook, find tutoring, buy/sell notes, share a house or find internships, Bordly is the only app you need. Bringing app technology to the university noticeboard, Bordly aims to be the easiest and most accessible noticeboard for uni students all over Australia.

Up, front, and center

We think about why students use Bordly and we place the most important information on the app home screen. From app launch, students immediately see newly posted items from their own campus as well as handy textbooks on sale.

It's all about the user experience. People open the app expecting a solution, and we give it to them in the smoothest way possible.

Custom search algorithms

We develop advanced search functionality into our projects. Our search algorithms detect if certain parameters are selected, the search form dynamically adapts to a new set of relevant search fields.

It’s important to get search right, because if your users can’t find what they’re looking for, they leave and find another solution elsewhere.

It starts with an idea

With ambition and an entrepreneurial mindset, you can absolutely create an app. Even if the idea has been done, you can still take the concept, and make it better.

After all, Snapchat came out of nowhere and went on to dominate an already mature photo sharing market.

With our experience in developing number one apps, you can bring us your idea, and you could be well on your way to app sensation.

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