The App Development Process

Discovery Workshop

The first step in our process is to go through what we call a Discovery Workshop. Once you have contacted us, we will organise a time to chat about your idea – via phone, email or in person.

Whether you’re still fleshing out the finer details or have a fully prepared requirements brief, no matter how far along you are, our team will help you build rock solid foundations for your future app. We will strengthen and challenge your business and commercial acumen, understanding your requirements and presenting design concepts.

The scoping of all three workshops will ensure we are all singing from the same tune, not leaving anything to chance and measuring the feasibility of your idea and how we can enhance it.

Design UX / UI

After we have a good understanding of your vision, our design team kicks into gear and plan out a global storyboard and design mockups for your idea.

Think of it as a master blueprint of the entire user of your app. With Design UX / UI, you will see exactly how your app will look and feel and the relationship between the app and user.


When you have approved the Design UX / UI stage, we choose a team of developers that are best suited to work on your project and get underway.

Our team can handle all sizes of mobile development. From small informational apps that only require a single frontend android developer or iOS developer, to highly complex commercial apps that require full suite front and backend developer teams, we’ve got a strategy to tackle any sized project.

PixelForce App Development Adelaide PixelForce App Development Adelaide PixelForce App Development Adelaide

Our App Development Services

API Integration

High quality and innovative APIs for businesses that you can integrate in your apps.

APIs easily request data from external programs by pushing information to and from the server. We can integrate APIs from major online services such as Google, Amazon, MYOB, Stripe, Xero, and Facebook depending on your needs. The need to integrate API is absolutely crucial in streamlining app development and it’s how we develop robust and hyper functional apps and websites.

PixelForce API Integration

Android & iPhone Mobile Apps

Our talented team has the comprehensive experience in developing dynamic and large scale mobile apps.

A mobile app is a software application designed to be run as a singular experience on smartphones. As smartphone technology advances, so does its underlying architecture and design language. PixelForce has been at the forefront of all major software development updates, imagining new possibilities and potential with every new upgrade. Bring your idea and we’ll help plan out an app to best achieve your business goals.

PixelForce Android and iPhone Apps
PixelForce Shouted App


We worked to design and develop a full suite, both consumer facing and their business backend. Including iOS app, Android App, website and web portal.

Learn more about Shouted

App Design

Design universal graphics, logos and UI layouts across both iOS and Android platforms.

Design is an important aspect of every app. It has the ability to establish an emotional relationship with your demographic and expand the reach potential of your brand. Not only does it create the foundation to leave a memorable impression on prospective consumers but it also serves to convey your ideas in a way that is both effective and enticing. iOS or Android, here at PixelForce our experienced design professionals are excited and ready to meet your app design needs.

PixeLForce App Design

Design Mockups

Get to see how your project will look before development with elegant visual mockups done by PixelForce.

App and Website mockups are produced for every website, web app or mobile app project we create. We want our clients to be completely satisfied with the look and feel before they commence website or app development. Mockups are useful to see the potential of your idea before committing to development. Enquire with us about having one built. We can produce visual files appropriate for either web app or mobile app for you.

PixelForce Design Mockups
PixelForce SWEAT App


Starring trainers Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, and Sjana Elise Earp, SWEAT offers hundreds of guides, recipes, and workouts for fitness, yoga, and post-pregnancy.

Learn more about SWEAT

User Experience

We create seamless experiences for all users interacting with your digital product.

User Experience (UX) design focuses on designing which screens an app or a website should have. The process involves a lot of technical and analytical thinking and may also involve conducting user studies and collecting data on how people think and operate within the field to determine common user flows. Everything from car dashboards to airport signage involve some kind of critical UX thinking into the best way of communicating the intended message.

PixelForce User Experience

Visual Prototype

Develop a visual prototype and first hand experience a static build of your app.

Sometimes you just want to see a visual prototype of your app before you decide to commit to potentially months of development work. Depending on the scale of your project, we offer visual prototypes as part of our services so you can get a realistic feel of your app before you green light the next stage. With the ability to interact and engage with the prototype our team creates, you will be able to truly see your idea come to life in an immersive experience.

PixelForce Visual Prototype

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