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Angove Family Winemakers is a 5th generation South Australian family business with a passion for crafting iconic vineyard wines from McLaren Vale as well as premium wines from South Australia’s great wine growing regions.

Behind most websites is a complex database that powers the advanced functionality of a website. Using a custom built database, we've ensured Angove has the capability to store user information, and track every purchase made through their ecommerce store.

Showcase your products in a beautiful gallery.

The design incorporates stylish tiles that represent each respective wine type. With a click of the tile, it reveals a menu containing it's wine labels.

If a user is on a mobile device, tiles are replace with dropdown menus, allowing for easy swipe navigation.

With their dynamic design, we reflect the elegance of drinking fine wine on both computers and mobile devices.

Offer your customer exclusive deals and membership pricing.

With our custom coded membership system, you can grant your registered users the extra perks of being a loyal fan.

We’ve integrated Angove’s membership system into the Online Cellar Door (eCommerce) to offer valuable discounts, or 'mate’s rate', to all registered users.

Under the same system, we’ve also ensured all members receive exclusive invitations and priority news delivered by email.

With a custom database, you can set up for variable vouchers, discounts, promotions, or updates via email, just like Angove has.

Horizontal scrolling timeline.

The Angove story dates back over 120 years. With five generations of the Angove family, you can imagine the amount of rich history Angove has to tell.

Angove’s timeline is intuitive to use on a computer or a mobile device. We don’t let the device get in the way of clear, user navigation.

Present your portfolio in fullscreen.

With five generations of the Angove family, their legacy has continued on to this day.

Portfolios are an excellent way to showcase a specific person and genuinely showcase their outstanding contributions. With our team, you can be sure your legacy is also passed on through your website.

Communicate with your audience.

A blogging system is the perfect feature to connect with your audience.

Not only do blogs update your audience on your exciting news, every blog post is another indexed page on your website. Every time you publish a blog post, it’s a new opportunity for your website to appear in search engine results.

We’ve built a blogging system into the Angove website so they can publish new statements or announcements, while also improving search engine optimisation.

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