Web Applications are highly complex and robust websites. If you’re needing dynamic information to be transmitted from one place to another or perhaps retrieving stored information from a database, then a custom built web application is what you need.

Web apps enable users to interact with the site in some way. A good example of a web application is instagram.com. The web app allows you to login and access the familiar scrolling newsfeed with similar functionality as the mobile app. A static website would not have the capacity to allow users to like and comment on photos.

At PixelForce, we use the latest stable Ruby on Rails framework for most of our web development work. From design to development, we know the ins and outs of the language. Our developers are experienced with using the powerful framework to code for some pretty neat features.

With a RoR based web application, your web app could have different user profiles, scrolling newsfeeds, content management editing, integration with mobile apps, or even a system to monitor system analytics. It really is a powerful framework and we have no doubt that a custom built web app could boost the productivity and effectiveness of your business.

The quality and scalability of our web apps is the reason why enterprises have trusted us to develop their own. You can be sure your web app is fully customised and has every functionality you need for your business. We’ve built complex web applications for many returning clients including Wokinabox, Sweat with Kayla, Tipsy Koala, Angove, and more!

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