User experience is more important than ever in today's digital age and with more searches now performed on mobile than desktop, the need for a mobile friendly site is instrumental to a business’s success.

Mobile friendly sites embrace the idea that audiences want the same content regardless of the device they are using to view it. As such, responsive websites are often designed so its elements can “stack”. When you visit the site on a tablet or Smartphone it detects the size of your screen and re-arranges the content of the site to fit that screen. You’re still accessing the same website: it’s just presented to you in a slightly different way.

Nowadays, traffic comes to websites in such a huge range of ways that you need to cater for everyone. A large number of people are now using smart phones and tablets to access social media, where brands are becoming more and more influential. As a business owner, you need to cater for these people who may find your URL in a friend’s Facebook post, or search for you on Twitter rather than using Google or Bing to search for and access your site.

As a web design studio, PixelForce has a team specifically for web development, capable of designing and building from basic WordPress websites to high-end dynamic web applications. Our websites are always built with mobile friendliness in mind so you can be sure our web solutions will look great from mobile screens to desktops.

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