A Discovery Workshop involves conducting an personal, hands-on workshop which is used to understand and discover client needs, ideas, opportunities and threats as well as any problems. They are an efficient way for our team to gain a shared understanding, explore your ideas in-depth and enable us to develop a positive direction before starting a new project. Attending a discovery workshop enables you to challenge ideas, ask questions and ensure that you and your team know as much as they can about the features required for your projects scope.

These workshops are especially helpful for startups just getting off the ground, but are also valuable for established businesses looking to expand features, create a new project or for gaining specialised insights on their already existing products. These interactive workshops allow us to meet with you in an open environment and share ideas and opinions in a friendly, professional manner. We can work with you to discuss any aggravations you may have with your current project, any queries you may have about the project particulars and - most excitingly - any ideas on how you would like your new project to work and how we can contribute to making your dream a reality.

We will share tailored advice, practical tips and offer feedback for getting the most out of your idea from conception to development and completion. Our Discovery Workshops are dedicated to your specific needs and after the consultation, PixelForce will provide a comprehensive business report detailing the best approach for moving forward. Here at PixelForce, you will be rest assured you are receiving expert advice from professionals who are dedicated to achieving a mutual understanding and positive outcome.

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