Imagine managing your website by clicking, typing, and then publishing. It's that easy.

Content Management Systems (CMS) let a non-technical person update their website without needing to code. With a flourishing third party developer community, you can search from countless designs to install right into your site. A CMS gives the user a simple way to publish new content to their site without having to worry about code or the backend.

A great thing about CMS is the third party developer community supporting it. There are many talented people out there who develop ‘plugins’ that allow complex functionality to be easily implemented into the CMS. This lets your users interact with the website in one way or another. Plugins can be found for almost every conceivable function, such as message forms, language translation, popup modals, and even newsletter subscriptions. Plugins also help speed up personalising a website as they are developed and maintained by third party developers - adding enhanced usability to an otherwise static site.

Depending on your needs, we may recommend you a WordPress Theme Customisation, or a Custom Ruby on Rails CMS. In general, WordPress Theme Customisation involves installing a ‘theme’ to a base WordPress site and customising it to compliment your business. The theme comes with a base style that professional developers can customise to suit your business. This process involves us digging into the theme’s developer files and selectively changing lines of code. If required, we also source plugins and configure it so users can interact with your website. Every client has different requirements, so this may or may not be needed. At this point, your site is ready to be pushed live to the web for everyone to see!

We recommend a Custom Ruby on Rails (RoR) CMS for mid to large sized businesses, where their requirements warrant a more robust and future-proof solution that WordPress can’t offer. A RoR solution involves custom coding every aspect of the CMS to integrate all design and functionality under a single framework. As RoR based CMS don’t rely on third party developers, we can assure code quality is completely up to PixelForce’s high quality standard. Although it is a pricier solution than WordPress, RoR based CMS are built to be completely unique to your business.

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