Without doubt, the mobile app is a defining feature of the mobile world.

A mobile app is a software application designed to be run as a singular experience on smartphones. Since the release of apps in 2008, both iOS and Android mobile apps have undergone many significant transformations, both visually and technically, every year. As smartphone technology advances, so does its underlying architecture and design language.

Mobile apps are subject to approval from marketplace regulations (Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store), but allows greater integration with your mobile phone’s features, such as integration with the camera, GPS location, and accelerometer. Whilst websites can tap into these phone technologies, the full experience can only be achieved with mobile apps.

Drawing on our extensive experience in mobile and having worked with many of Adelaide’s small and major clients, PixelForce’s passionate team works with you to formulate a vision and strategy for your app.

PixelForce has been at the forefront of all major software development updates, imagining new possibilities and potential with every new upgrade. Bring your idea and we’ll help plan out an app to best achieve your business goals.

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