The 10 Best iPhone Apps (November 2021)

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Your iPhone is capable of so much more than making calls, sending texts and navigating via GPS. And while the number of apps is staggering-there are well over two million in Apple's App Store alone, which is why this blog is going to outline the essentials to download to improve and add ease to your social life, productivity and of course entertainment. 

iPhone users spend more time on their devices than those using any other handset, and with good reason. The iPhone's App Store has an extremely high standard of apps due to its stringent app submission policy. Everything down to the screenshot submissions needs to be on point - so you can be sure that any app you download is going to be of a high standard. If you are still stumped, or new to iOS, luckily, we have some experience with apps and we're here to help. Here is a list of iOS essentials that you need to download now!


App store essentials:

1. Google

The Google app is user friendly and super easy to use. Simply open the app, and you'll see a list of basic search queries for Google to complete on your behalf. But it also has advanced functionality, as well as integration with other Google products such as Maps and Translate. This is definitely a must-have. In fact, as most of our search is done on mobile, you may never need to visit the Google website again after downloading this app - believe it or not!


2. Instagram

If you don't know what Instagram is, you most likely have been living under a rock. With over 800 million monthly users, it's a definite iOS necessity. It's one of the most popular social media apps out there, and we can see why. In addition to being able to scroll your feed, the app also allows users to upload photos from their camera roll or take new images from within the app itself. What takes Instagram to the next level is the extensibility of its photo editing process through other apps. Almost anything you need to do can be done in-app!


3. Messanger

Facebook Messanger app is an essential for your iPhone. We especially love its group messaging feature for keeping in touch with all of your friends easily and at the click of a button! You don't even need to be signed into Facebook to use the Messanger app, which makes it perfect for those of us who want the functionality of Facebook Messanger - without the annoyances of having to check it all the time.


4. Signal

Signal is a more secure way to message friends using your iPhone. It's essentially like WhatsApp - but with extra security features that can protect you against anyone tapping in and listening to your conversations. The mobile app uses end-to-end encryption so you can be sure that no one will be eavesdropping when you're messaging back and forth with friends with this secure, end to end encryption. The Signal mobile app is well loved because it doesn't track you, unlike other mobile apps that like to hoover up your data for advertisers. Perfect for those secure conversations you need on your iOS device.


5. Twitter

Twitter is without a doubt one of the most popular social media apps out there. What was originally intended to be a small social network where people could share little blurbs of information has turned into a worldwide phenomenon, complete with breaking news stories and global events. So much so that the 2016 US presidential election may very well have been won or lost based on Twitter's real-time sharing capabilities.

The app itself is fairly basic in its features, but it shines in functionality. Tweets are limited to 280 characters so they don't take up too much of a user's mobile data allowance. Images and GIFs can be attached to tweets with ease, which makes Twitter a great place for sharing images or videos on the fly.


6. Snapchat

This app was built specifically for sharing and sending back and forth photos - quickly and effortlessly. It's a fairly private way to send pictures, which will disappear within 10 seconds of being opened to ensure the recipient doesn't save it forever. Because everything in this app is temporary, it makes sense that Snapchat will add more ways to create and add emojis with the Snap Kit API. Snapchat is also great for its messaging feature and of course, being able to share stories. Sharing a video story with friends will let you send a day's worth of footage in the span of less than ten seconds, too.


7.  Shazam

This app's name is synonymous with music identification, and it continues to be a popular tool for identifying songs in the time of Spotify and Apple Music. With a simple tool that allows you to point your phone at a speaker to see what songs are playing, Shazam is great for finding out that song you love without having to ask! This useful app for iOS is free to download and available in the App Store and is highly recommended if you haven't tried it in the past.


8. Spotify

Spotify is your all-in-one solution for streaming music, whether you like it or prefer something like Apple Music or Google Play Music better. Spotify has a great selection of tracks, and you can save playlists to listen to offline-a must if you don't want your data plan running out. Spotify has over 40 million songs available, and it has become even more customisable since its last redesign. You can create your own playlists or browse Spotify's extensive list of curated playlists to find one that suits your tastes. Spotify is a market leader for a reason: it has incredible UI and arguably the best user experience of any app music streaming service.


9. WhatsApp

If you're connected to WIFI and get charged fees for text messaging (like some of our friends in the EU), WhatsApp is the solution. It has all the same features as iMessage (like messaging across platforms or sending voice messages), but it's free and doesn't use any of your mobile phone plan. Unlike iMessage, WhatsApp is completely cross-platform, you can message friends on iPhones and Android devices using exactly the same app. WhatsApp has many users worldwide - it's not a necessary download for your iOS device, but it definitely comes in handy when speaking to family or friends overseas.


10. YouTube

YouTube has become an extremely powerful tool for learning thanks to its vast catalogue of educational videos. No matter what industry you're in, Youtube can be your best friend for quickly learning new skills or brushing up on old ones, and it's available on It's also a great source for entertainment including current events and pop culture. YouTube is owned by Google is completely free to download but you can subscribe for even more features.

This list of 10 essential iPhone apps is what you need in your life if you're looking for some of the best apps available on iOS right now. Apple's iOS system has thousands of excellent apps available in its App Store but we've combed through them all and chosen our favourites.

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