How much do eCommerce and Order Systems Cost?

by PixelForce     Posted on

PixelForce specialise in building custom website ordering systems and can provide you with an obligation free quote.

We use the following questions to estimate the cost of eCommerce set up:

  • How many products do you want to sell on your website?
  • Do your products come in variations - size, colour etc?
  • Will you be offering discount coupons for online purchases?
  • What type of payments do you wish to accept - credit cards, PayPal etc?
  • What type of shipping calculator will you want - Australia Post, TNT, FedEx?

But I only have one product, can you still help me sell it online?

Yes, we can! From as little as $1,000 we can build an eCommerce page for your single product, allowing people to view the product, organise shipping and make payment all on the one page.

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