Android Development vs iOS Development: Which Platform is the Correct Choice for Developing Your App?

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Want to build a mobile app? You are then faced with a difficult decision: Android app development or iOS app development (or which do you first prioritise)? Both android and iOS have their own advantages and disadvantages, but there is one major difference between the two. Android apps are open source, meaning you can download the source code for Android and change it the way you want it; while iOS is closed source and apps need to be downloaded strictly on Apple devices. What do you think? Should Android app development or iOS app development be your choice for developing an app specifically for your users?

Android app development has many benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs. As an open source platform, Android apps may even be faster to develop than iOS. Android app development is useful for many reasons but it's important to remember the disadvantages as well. Android devices are not able to monetise and advertise their apps effectively, and the Google Play store has little control over what is being published. Android users tend to only download free mobile applications instead of paid applications, which could mean less money in your pocket. Android apps have fewer restrictions than iOS apps, but remember, Android apps cannot be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Android is an open source platform which gives businesses the ability to monetise through ads or in-app purchases, while Apple's approval process weeds out most of the poor quality apps that are submitted to iOS app stores. Apple's approval system means that iOS apps are of a higher quality, which in turn gives the app store better ratings.

iOS app development has many benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs, and may be a more suitable choice depending on your individual and monetisation requirements. iOS app development has many benefits including being available to be downloaded from the App Store and being able to effectively monetise and advertise apps. The Apple App Store has more control over what is published, and iOS users are more willing to pay for quality applications in the App Store. As mentioned, android users tend to only download free mobile applications instead of paid applications. Therefore, if you want to make a profitable app, android development might not be the best option for you. On another note, Android is easy to develop for and globally, there are more users on Android devices than iOS does, so internationally, your app may get downloaded more often.

With all these factors considered what should you do? If you're looking for success in downloading numbers then Android development would suit you due to its open source nature, but if you're looking for a profitable app then iOS would suit your needs better. It is clear that android development and iOS development both come with their own advantages and disadvantages to businesses and entrepreneurs who are thinking about developing an app. 

With so many people owning iPhones, it might seem like the right choice to develop an app for iOS. However, Android has a substantial market share that doesn't want to be left out of the mobile game. If you are developing your own app and don't know which platform is best for you, we can help! We offer free 30 minute consultations with our expert team who will recommend what's best based on your business goals.

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