With hundreds of millions of possible results, getting onto page 1 of a search engine search is a pretty big deal. So big that an entire industry has formed around the goal to optimise and appear on that page 1.

Our SEO services involve a lot of moving cogs, all of which contribute to SEO. We provide assessment of your site structure and content, content development, keyword research, administration of online business development campaigns, SEO training, expertise in particular geographies and markets as well as technical advice with regard to website development such as hosting, redirects, error pages and the use of JavaScript.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We’ll request a list of keywords and known competitors related to your industry and formulate an in-depth SEO analysis for these keywords. Depending on the project needs, some of the things we can do are keyword research, content review and optimisation, website optimisation, competitor analysis, and ongoing keyword maintenance.

Content Marketing

We can offer research and the production of original content, that would be published to the appropriate mediums (e.g. Facebook, blogs, linkedIn, etc.). This would be a part of a continuous social media strategy.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

We’ll create a PPC strategy development plan, that involves utilising paid ad channels Google AdWords, Facebook PPC, and LinkedIn PPC. From looking at SEO research, we’ll develop a suitable campaign for your target demographic under an appropriate channel and observe for conversions.

As SEO and page rankings rely on relevancy and consistently updated content, our packages are structured in a way to improve SEO and increase your site’s credibility.

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