An API (Application Programming Interface) is the universal approach of how developers access code from other sources.

Let’s take a very simplified analogy. People drive cars by steering, gearshift, and pressing down on the pedals. These are the controls that allow us to manipulate the car. We don’t directly affect the internal combustion, rotation of the flywheel or the maximum number of rpm per gear. Our interface are the steering wheel, gear knob, and pedals. We use these to control the mechanical aspects of cars.

If an app uses Google Maps to determine for example the user’s location, the app makes a request to Google’s API, which would return a set of values which would then be used by the app. It’s how we developers request data from other programs without going the long way of manually requesting every query. If an app uses any kind of third party feature, such as Facebook login, Instagram photo upload, or even connect to a music app, it definitely uses an API.

We can integrate APIs from major online services such as Google, Amazon, MYOB, Stripe, Xero, and Facebook depending on your needs. The need to integrate API is absolutely crucial in streamlining app development and it’s how we develop robust and hyper functional apps and websites.

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