Our Vision

All projects are managed by our directors, Hinney and Ben. They work closely with clients and their respective teams on all projects to ensure excellent service and quality. We believe our carefully put together team can provide a complete and comprehensive solution to any problem for the digital age.

Hinney Lo

Managing Director

Hinney is the managing director and leading designer of the PixelForce studio. His deep understanding of today's technology is invaluable to the development and scalability of all client projects.

Ben Zhang

Technical Director

With years of experience in a number of backend languages, Ben is the main force behind all development projects. As the technical lead, Ben oversees the complexities of all day-to-day development tasks.

Behind the curtain

The team at PixelForce are enthusiastic about the potential you may have and we love helping your idea evolve into something much more. Any vision you may have, our team of designers, developers, and digital strategists are highly capable in delivering your project.

Tony Vuong

Client Relations

Tony is passionate about different forms of digital creativity. Having graduated with a Media degree, Tony has a deep understanding of varying disciplines in both traditional and digital media.

Vorng Chau

Marketing Manager

Vorng brings both experience and knowledge of marketing and design through previous roles as a graphic designer and marketing professional. Vorng is responsible for developing and maintaining our marketing and brand strategy.

Mina Kim

Front-End Developer

As a front-end developer, Mina is responsible for writing up the code to display websites visuals, from buttons to colours to design layouts. She has worked with prestigious clients such as LG and Samsung.

Quintin Xu

Full Stack Developer

Quintin works with our web development team. His advanced knowledge in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and SQL is of the highest quality and is absolutely instrumental to the development of websites and web applications.

Alvin He

iOS Developer

With a keen passion in mobile development, Alvin builds high quality mobile apps and manages the development flow of our app team. His expertise in various mobile platforms and tools is highly valued.

Peng Wang

Android Developer

As our resident Android expert, Peng provides a unique perspective and indepth knowledge of Android user standards. Her understanding of the Android user experience is a valuable asset to the team.

Chih Yang

R&D Software Engineer

Chih is part of the iOS team, researching new and innovative ways to develop mobile apps. On a day-to-day basis, Chih codes with Swift and C++, and mindlessly tests iOS features over and over.

John Tang

Data Engineer

John is responsible for retrieving specific datasets valuable for our client's growth prospects . He creates data warehouses that can be used for reporting and analysis of big data statistics.

Frank Qi

Web Developer

Frank is an experienced developer with a specialisation in backend web development. Frank has been involved with developing new strategies for client projects and working with client web app projects.

Jason Tian

Web Developer

Jason is skilled in developing efficient APIs and ensuring all our web applications are released at it's top standard. He develops our web applications with the complex functionality our client requires.

Roy Zheng

Web Developer

As part of the web development team, Roy specialises in Ruby, Java, and C++. He's responsible for building a website's functionality and linking our front end design visuals to the core back end functionality.

Walter Jing

Web Developer

Working with the web development team, Walter contributes a deep understanding of web related back end technologies. He codes for core functionality and integrates function into our designs.

Kevin Kang

Web Developer

Kevin has a deep understanding of software development, having worked with some impressive companies. His experience in delivering high quality products is truly welcomed at PixelForce.

Simon You

Web Developer

Simon is passionate about technology. He has used this passion to learn and understand multiple development languages and his passion and diversity is valuable for the growth of PixelForce development team.

Justin Li

Web Developer

Justin is part of the web development team, working alongside our senior staff on websites and web apps. He codes for various backend structures, instrumental for day to day operations for our clients.


We help the healthcare industry develop a brand new information sharing, multi-functional, video communication health platform.

Consumer / Retail

We help retailers with unique eCommerce systems, positioning and target markets and increasing sales conversions online.


We help the education industry with cutting edge eLearning, brining multi-media learning material online for self paced study and easy access.

Business Services

We help businesses manage their interactions with customers and recommend customised solutions to increase business.